Thursday, September 3, 2015

It has been quite a while since I posted on our blog.  A lot has happened and I'm sure I will miss many things we have done.  On May 1, we started the summer schedule at the Palmyra Temple.  We were assigned to be the coordinators for the Monday shift with all the summer (6 month) missionaries.  We were also assigned to be the coordinators for the summer missionaries sightseeing outings every other Thursday.  The missionaries are from all over the west and one-half of them live at Zion's camp by the Hill Cumorah in their RV's.  The other half live in apartments.  We are having a wonderful time with these very special people.  Some of the outing we have done are:  Peter Whitmer Farm and Watkins Glen.
Summer missionaries in from of Peter Whitmer visitors center

Watkins Glen

We have also been to Corning Glass Museum, Genesee Country Villiage, Erie Canal Cruise (with all the missionaries), Taughannock Falls with picnic, 1000 Island boat cruise and Boldt Castle, Curtiss Museum, Skannelates moonlight boat cruise and Doug's Fish Fry (with all the missionaries) and Letchworth State Park with picnic.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Taughannock Falls                            

Letchworth State Park (upper falls with train trestle)

Letchworth State Park with Summer missionaries

Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park

 Boldt Castle (huge!!!!!)

Group about to enter the Curtiss Museum

1000 Island Boat Cruise

We are so happy that we are able to live a a home this summer instead of the Palmyra Inn
We also were privileged to have some of our children and grandchildren visit us this summer. We had our family stay with us at the house. 

Margo & Perry with Madison, Lesa & Steve with Lucy and Claire

Sandy with Carissa, Michael, Daniel and Ciara

The Hill Cumorah Pageant

Kerrie visited us after she brought Sarah out to Southern Virginia University

We are so very thankful each day for the time we have on our mission to the Palmyra Temple.  we serve in the temple for about 35 hours a week and then on Sunday travel to Lancaster ward (1 1/2 hrs. each way)  We love the ward members and hope that in some small way we are helping the ward.  Serving the Lord is the ultimate experience we can have.

Love to All


  1. It sounds like you are having such a wonderful time, and have been able to do and see many fun things! What a great experience.

  2. Brings back all the great memories we had in Palmyra and all the great people we got to serve with. Sure would like to go to Doug's Fish Fry again and go on the moonlight cruise.

  3. Thank you for sharing, it's a joy to read your blog and view the pictures. I so look forward to hearing more upon your return. We were in Rexburg Sunday for our granddaughter, Megan 's mission report. Our grandson, Jordan Hepworth's farewell is sept. 27th. He is going to Cape Castle, Ghana, Africa Mission. Hugs to you and Kent